Meet the Thunkies®: New Cartoon Characters

The most important educators of young children are their parents. With the playful Thunkies® this site offers families the resources to explore metacognition.

What is metacognition: the supreme mind-skill

You are 'doing' metacognition when you put on your thinking-cap to think about how you are doing your thinking. We all do this to some extent, but randomly and haphazardly. Jerry Rhodes, founder of this website, has researched, developed and taught metacognition in business and universities for over 40 years.

Thunkies® are born

Thousands of men and women at work have already benefited by learning the 'how' of metacognition. So that parents and children at home can learn the 'how' through play, Jerry Rhodes has now transformed his ground-breaking methods with the unique child-friendly Thunkies®.

Why this is important

Business has been ahead of schools in recognising the importance of metacognition. That's why Jerry was able to undertake his research and teaching in major organisations in Europe, North America and the UK. His associates continue this work, even extending into China and Hong Kong. Corporations recognise that in our times of ultra-rapid innovation it's not only 'what' you know that's important but 'how' you use what you know.

Even more crucial

'How' you tackle what you don't know is even more crucial. It's all in the mind-skills you have at your command. That's where metacognition hits the spot. The resources Jerry Rhodes and his team are now building with the Thunkies® for families at home will fill the gaping hole that schools have ignored.

What you can do

Thunkies® are playful child-friendly tools which identify the 21 fundamental faculties of metacognition. A questionnaire enables you to assess your patterns of metacognition with the language of the Thunkies®. If you complete the questionnaire it will also link you into a weekly email with nudge reminders from the Thunkies®.

Here's the link for the Questionnnaire

You can help us

As this is a new venture any suggestion or critique is immensely welcome. Please use the email link in the bottom banner below to drop us a line.       

 A whole-hearted 'Thank you' from the Thunkies® team