Meet the Thunkies®: New Cartoon Characters

The most important educators of young children are their parents. The playful Thunkies® show you how to explore metacognition and find out why it is important.

What is metacognition

You are 'doing' metacognition when you put on your thinking-cap to think about how you are thinking so as to do things better. It sounds strange, though we all do this to some extent, but randomly, haphazardly and usually unconsciously.

The Thunkies® give you a way to do it simply and effectively, with understanding and fun. And most important of all, with a real purpose to encourage the growth of your children's thinking capabilities.

Thunkies® are born

Jerry Rhodes, founder of this website, has researched, developed and taught metacognition in business and universities for over 40 years. Thousands of men and women have benefited by learning the 'how' of metacognition in Europe, North America, New Zealand and the UK, and even in China and Hong Kong.

He has now transformed his ground-breaking methods with the unique child-friendly Thunkies® so that parents and children at home can learn the 'how' through play.

Why this is important

It's not only 'what' you know that's important but 'how' you use what you know - metacognition. Corporations recognise this in our times of ultra-rapid innovation. They are way ahead of schools in realising how vital it is. That's why Jerry was able to undertake his research and teaching in major organisations rather than in schools, even though he is also an experienced school teacher. Business understands the value of metacognition.

Even more crucial

'How' you tackle what you don't know is even more crucial. It's all in the mind-skills you have or don't have at your command. That's where metacognition hits the spot, the supreme mind-skill.

The Thunkies® games, quizzes, books and 'metacog' activities that Jerry Rhodes and his team are creating for families, will fill the gaping hole that schools have not yet caught up with.

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